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More People Need You - Be Generous This Christmas 

Christmastime is here, and with it, the world shifts toward thoughts of gift, the joy of the season, and happiness. The sharing and caring, the demonstrations of love—these are what characterize Christmas and the jolly old man in red himself. For most people, the joy of the season is giving gifts th...

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SOPs for School Going Children Amid the Corona Virus

For marginalized children and youth, especially those living with miserable conditions, education is more than just attending lessons. For them, going to school is more like improving health, safety, nutrition, and lifestyle as a whole.


David Beasley, WFP Executive Director, says, &...

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The Situation of Education and Health in Africa

Africa is the world’s second largest continent, home to 54 countries, a number of deserts and mountain ranges, and surrounded by seas and oceans on the majority of its borders. This exotic continent remains one of the top travel destinations for holiday travelers thanks to its unique and iconic wild...

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What We Do 
CFTW - Compassionate for the World is a registered charity, having received its charitable status by the government of Canada in spring 2009.

The vision and purpose of the foundation are simple: to uplift the literacy and health status of those who are lacking the most. 

People who are living in ...
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Anybody can be a Helping Hand
We all have heard from childhood ‘sharing is caring’ but have we ever thought of this phrasal verb outside of our home or community? 

Unfortunately, No. We always share and care for those whom we find deserving, and feel comfortable in doing so, or maybe we don’t know who deserves our donations ...
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