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CFTW thanks the contribution made by Honey Kaur and her daughter Mannat from Jalandhar, Punjab for seeking to find for us the manufacturer Powerhawke Enterprises for quality workmanship done on the suits at a competitive price.  This was truly a group effort. We extend our sympathy to the manager of Powerhawke Enterprises in the recent loss of his mother.

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Archbishop Kuriacose has been exceptionally supportive of our work in India and since 2016 has hosted Dr. John and provided opportunities to work in many rural areas throughout his diocese.  He was the first to call Dr. John on his trip to India in 2016 and offered accommodation at his residence and throughout the 9 travels Dr. John has made to India.

CFTW owes a great deal of gratitude to Archbishop Kuriacose, Auxiliary Bishop Jose Puthenveettil in Ludhiana, and Bishop Gerald John Mathias of Lucknow for generously hosting Dr. John in their respective homes and residences. 

It is because of their generosity, we have been able to continue our work in India.  By making our work available to residents of your respective dioceses, you are all living and true examples of CFTW's theme, "God is Love".  Thank You!

Video credit: Thank you, Bro. John Arakkal a Seminarian doing a Regency in Ludhiana helped produce the video.  Thank you.