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A Letter From Amandeep Singh

April 15, 2021


Respected John Sir,


I don't know where to start  and how to start. So let's start from our first meeting. I hope you remember, our first meeting was in my ola cab. On that day ...

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The Images of Poverty

Appeals for donations to help the poor are so abundant that the poor and destitute images become overly graphic and prevalent. Every person who has seen these images can quickly bring them forward to consciousness. Often, one must promptly dismiss the images to reduce the impact of the suffering may...

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How can YOU Help?

Charities such as us are working to provide aid to those who need it the most, but the struggle to continuously raise funds is a barrier. With your donations we have been able to do marvelous things that would have inhibited multiple peoples lives and abilities if not completed. Although, we must ac...

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The Wavelength

Currently, it is 11 Celsius degrees here in Calgary, and we are shocked by just how quickly summer is arriving.  Visibly you can see the relief; the snow is melting, the kids are outside, layers have come off, with few walking around in their shorts and slippers.  As I let the cool spring ...

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Easter Greetings
Dear Friends and Supporters,

I want to extend our Easter Greetings to our friends around the World. We know many of you are suffering from the lack of food, no funding for education, and the inability to be united to family members du...
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