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5 Best Christmas Gifts That Cannot Be Regifted

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and for many people, it’s their favorite time of the year. There’s something irreplaceable about watching someone receive something they desperately wanted and the joy that lights up their face. Christmas is about giving and sharing—but for many around the w...

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No One Cares About Me

It is the story told by Dr. John Bickert of a helpless woman named Niton. She was suffering from a bad facial skin condition. Upon his visit, Dr. John met her, and when asked how is she doing, she replied, "No one cares about me." Let's read the story as it has been told:


How can we m...

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What We Do 
CFTW - Compassionate for the World is a registered charity, having received its charitable status by the government of Canada in spring 2009.

The vision and purpose of the foundation are simple: to uplift the literacy and health status of those who are lacking the most. 

People who are living in ...
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