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More People Need You - Be Generous This Christmas 

Christmastime is here, and with it, the world shifts toward thoughts of gift, the joy of the season, and happiness. The sharing and caring, the demonstrations of love—these are what characterize Christmas and the jolly old man in red himself. For most people, the joy of the season is giving gifts th...

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5 Best Christmas Gifts That Cannot Be Regifted

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and for many people, it’s their favorite time of the year. There’s something irreplaceable about watching someone receive something they desperately wanted and the joy that lights up their face. Christmas is about giving and sharing—but for many around the w...

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With My Own Two Hands - What A Perfect Song?

Today, we won't talk about the issues and problems in the world. But, we will share a secret to make the world a perfect place. We all can do it with our own two hands. Here's a small video of our latest trip to Ghana.

The song used in this video really captures the essence of what we do at CFTW. Our...

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