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The Images of Poverty

Appeals for donations to help the poor are so abundant that the poor and destitute images become overly graphic and prevalent. Every person who has seen these images can quickly bring them forward to consciousness. Often, one must promptly dismiss the images to reduce the impact of the suffering may...

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Treatment Plan for Poverty


As an 18-year-old starting a new job, knowing my largest strength was that I simply had a strong pull to simply help people, I was shockingly superficial to problems I saw all around me. With my problem-solving experience being largely based off of high school mathematics, I understood h...

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No One Cares About Me

It is the story told by Dr. John Bickert of a helpless woman named Niton. She was suffering from a bad facial skin condition. Upon his visit, Dr. John met her, and when asked how is she doing, she replied, "No one cares about me." Let's read the story as it has been told:


How can we m...

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