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Happy Chaitra Navratri, Happy Vaisakhi, and Ramadan Kareem

April 13th marks a special day for 3 of the most populous religions in not only India but on Earth. For all three to fall on the same day is a rare occasion,  and for many this a symbol of unity. While separation and tensions arise in all countries and nations, such celebrations intertwini...

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Mother Theresa

Personal initiative is part of Spiritual Life. It is part of our freedom to chose how to act. When Charity reflects our love for God, and through that, we assist those in need, it is indisputable evidence of our love for God and, in turn, our love for others.

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CFTW Comes to Rescue with Blankets

Imagine your family living in a train station,  under the raised tracks of the Metro or in the center of a traffic circle.  The best you could hope for was a small fire built to keep you warm as you shivered to warm your extended hands over a flickering flame.

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I want to be a...

November 23, 2018

In the fall of 2018, I travelled to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh in response to an invitation.  Most of the Uttar Pradesh rural area is served by farmers work small farms to provide a living for their families.  On the visit to Lucknow, I visited St. Francis School for the Hea...

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No One Cares About Me

It is the story told by Dr. John Bickert of a helpless woman named Niton. She was suffering from a bad facial skin condition. Upon his visit, Dr. John met her, and when asked how is she doing, she replied, "No one cares about me." Let's read the story as it has been told:


How can we m...

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