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April 16, 2021


Respected Sir,


Below i will try to answer all your questions according to my knowledge and my situation :


1) Q:- What are you guys doing for food ?

Ans:- For food now we depend on our parents. because cab work is reduced due o covid-19 and i have to sit at home even if i do not want to. Due to the income of Honey, some personal expenses were coming out. But the School has been closed until month of july. Due to work from home, she is getting half salary only 2500/- Rs. and now you tell me how anyone can run his home only with 2500/- Rupees. How he can take care of his children. In the period of covid -19, we are taking all goods on loan from outside to meet the needs of the children and the home. it is just a feeling that life has become borrowed!. we can not put so much burden on our parents. because there are so many types of household expenses. I am thankful to god if our parents do not help us for food. I would probably have to live on the road at this covid -19 time.


2) Q:- What are other people doing for food?

Ans:- if some do not have jobs and work then Some people will be like me who are taking help from their parents, Friends or relatives. There will be some people living with money taken from outside. some people are finishing their savings. All i can say is at this pedmic time, everyone is trying to run their home in some way or the other way.


3) Q:- Where do people get money for food in the slum?

Ans:- According to my knowledge, slum people don't have any food issues, Because every city has  NGOs  Society they help them.they provide the grocery to needy poor peoples and also rich people, politicians donate food in slum areas to show the public. The second thing is that they have work. because they mostly do labour jobs, drive rickshaws and other small work . so in slum areas no food problem. even in lockdown period.


4) Q:- Do the kids have any lessons online?

Ans:- Yes, due to covid-19 school has been closed until the next govt order, so school starts online classes for next session. But some children and their families, who can not afford smart mobile phones. It is very difficult for them to attend online classes.I have 3 kids even though we can not afford a smartphone phone for kids to attend online classes.Very difficult to manage and this is an extra burden on parents.


5) Q:- What happens when a student cannot afford the internet ?

Ans:- There are some students whose parents have no smartphones, some who come to school for two hours to complete their work. 


6) Q:- The School fees you paid for your kids, will you be able to continue next school year without further fees after the lockdown?

Ans:- We paid last session pending fees to school. Now the next session is starting but we have not yet admitted our children because we have no funds for admission, books,or uniforms and other expenses.���


7) Q:- How do people make payments on rent and mortgages?

Ans:- God knows how people survive in this time. Because not a single help from the government. Neither the rich man has made any difference and nor has the poor man. only middle class men are in the worst condition. Because the middle man can neither become rich nor can live like a poor man. The middle man  always keeps ringing like a bell in the middle.


8) Q:- is the farmers strike still taking place?

Ans:- Yes, Still farmers on strike. 


9) Q:- What are you eating?

Ans:-  we eating only food & Medicines ( problems, our depression, mentaly stress,internal hatred and our tears).




With Regards

Amandeep Singh


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