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Easter Greetings
Dear Friends and Supporters,

I want to extend our Easter Greetings to our friends around the World. We know many of you are suffering from the lack of food, no funding for education, and the inability to be united to family members du...
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CFTW Comes to Rescue with Blankets

Imagine your family living in a train station,  under the raised tracks of the Metro or in the center of a traffic circle.  The best you could hope for was a small fire built to keep you warm as you shivered to warm your extended hands over a flickering flame.

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The Health Situation in Third World Countries

The world is currently experiencing a severe disparity in wealth and opportunity, but it does not stop there; health and exposure to disease are also determined based on where you are born. The rich world typically has the luxury of living with even the most dangerous diseases thanks to advances in ...

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No One Cares About Me

It is the story told by Dr. John Bickert of a helpless woman named Niton. She was suffering from a bad facial skin condition. Upon his visit, Dr. John met her, and when asked how is she doing, she replied, "No one cares about me." Let's read the story as it has been told:


How can we m...

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With My Own Two Hands - What A Perfect Song?

Today, we won't talk about the issues and problems in the world. But, we will share a secret to make the world a perfect place. We all can do it with our own two hands. Here's a small video of our latest trip to Ghana.

The song used in this video really captures the essence of what we do at CFTW. Our...

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